About us

Nirvanna the restaurant,much like it's adjective namesake "nirvana', inspire a compelling sense of calm - a stillness of the mind, oblivious to the hustle and bustle just below one of Kingston's busy midtown streets. According to owner Mahek, "Nirvanna is exactly what I had envisioned; a refuge in the middle a great, authentic Indian meal." As fusion restaurant, Nirvanna strikes an aesthetic balance of ethnic and contemporary with Moroccan design elements accenting a definitive rich, Indian palace ambienece. "I wanted a unique representation of faded frescos of old caves, and was thrilled to find the perfect tiles, which we used on the tables. Our white onyx bar is our focal point and being a transparent stone, it is spectacular to see with the lights illuminated from the inside,' Mahek speaks proudly of the design of her new eatery, which is already gaining a strong foothold in Kingston's culinary arena.

Your meal at Niravanna is prepared by a team that has been meticulously coordinated and assigned. With 5 chefs all handpicked from Mumbai, each master is appointed to a particular field in the kitchen. One chef is responsible for all the breds/rotis, one does Indian curries, another does the Indo-Chinese dishes. one chef is specifically for the grilling of meats, and Mahek herself is in charge of all the vegetarian dishes. The recipes and style of cooking are an authentic blend of Indian and Pan Asian style, and further enhanced by contemporary presentation.

India's cuisine is a rousing culinary journey of rich flavours, vibrant colours and opulent aromas, and is defined by the diverse cultural subsets within India as a national at large. Different foods are indigenous to different areas in the expansive country, and the foods that come from each area are defined by the religious and cultural beliefs of is people.

Whether it is traditional Indian curry, contemporary Indian fare or authentic Indian street food you prefer, Indian food is an exciting cuisine that has also come to be known for its added health benefits. With oil used sparingly and garlic, mustard seeds and coriander used copiously, Indian food done right, can potentially keep amny common ailments at bay.

In Jamaica, as with most other countries, authentic cultural dining comes under the microscope whenever a new eatery joins the realm of ethnic restaurants outside of its country of origin. But with Jamaica boasting such a vast Indian immigrant population, resources to facilitate ventures like Nirvanna, become more easily accessible. Mahek is proud of her new restaurant and she's bolstered by the support of both locals and the Indian community - always a show of confidence when you receive backing from your own. When asked what meal she's recommend that everyone try, Mahek didn't have to think twice about her response. "Mutton Sheekh Kebab with a Garlic Cheese Naan, no doubt. It's an incredibly tasty dish, with a burst of flavours that soothes and satisfies.

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